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Oil & Gas Authority Announce Net Zero Strategy

“There are major issues facing the oil and gas industry, the global pandemic and the rapid fall in commodity prices and we’re working closely with the government to safeguard the energy supply and as best as possible the thousands of jobs and skills which deliver it, in the face of these issues."

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The rise of the electric car

As the nation becomes increasingly more environmentally and energy conscious, it seems we are also moving to a future where electric motoring is becoming the norm.

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Brexit: will the lights go out?

As we know, the Brexit deadline is fast approaching as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union on 29th March. What does a no-deal mean for the UK’s energy industry?

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UK to Belgium Electricity Connector Complete

Britain’s National Grid has confirmed the first electricity power link (since 2012) has been completed this week. This new interconnector links Britain and Belgium and is due to start operation in the first quarter of 2019.

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Climate change: drastic action needed!

Scientists have advised we need to keep global temperatures from rising by no more than 0.5 of a degree by the end of the century – however a new report says we are on track to exceed this maximum.

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2015 - an Energetic Year...

Well, that's another Christmas been and gone: presents gleefully unwrapped and forgotten about two days later; The Great Escape on the telly for the thirtieth consecutive year; the turkey leftovers fed to the dog, the mince pies fed to yourself...

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Ready For The Water Drop?

In April 2017 the non-domestic water market is to become deregulated meaning that, for the first time ever, small- to medium-sized businesses will be able to choose who supplies their water.

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Keeping the Faith

Energy companies - it's fair to say they've not always been the most well-respected of institutions: unexpectedly big bills, confusing tariffs, four-letter-word-inspiring automated telephone systems... we've all had bones to pick at one time or another.

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Decisions, Decisions...

Choice, so the theory goes, is a good thing. The greater the degree of choice, the greater the possibility of you finding exactly what it is you're after - and, hopefully, at a more competitive price.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In our last blog post we highlighted a few ways in which your business could become more energy efficient, and concluded that these methods work best by fostering an energy-saving culture within your team. But how to go about doing this? Well, we've come up with the below guide to help you on your way.

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Smarter Ways To Save...

No one likes waste, whether it's out-of-date food from your fridge or time stuck in slow-moving traffic. But for small- and medium-sized businesses, managing and reducing energy waste is vital, especially with recent predictions showing electricity prices may rise by as much as 30% in the next 5 years.

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Just How Smart Are Smart Meters?

As you've probably heard, the government is planning to roll out smart meters across Britain's homes and businesses by 2020 in an attempt to give us greater control and clarity when it comes to energy consumption.

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