When was the last time you changed energy suppliers?  In the last month, in the last year?  If so, then good for you - you're staying on top of your bills and we commend you!  (That said, still read on - it's more than likely we can still save you money!)

But there's a big chance you haven't changed in a while: according to 2014 Ofgem figures, 40% of SMEs haven't switched suppliers in the last five years, meaning many of you are overpaying for your energy.
And when you consider that, on average, new Smarter Power clients save £600 a year, well, we have to ask: what's stopping you?

So, what's stopping you?
I won't save much, if anything at all
Well, we've already put this one to bed by outlining what an average new client could save by signing up with Smarter Power, but just in case you've forgotten, or if you can't look up a couple of sentences, it's an average of £600. 

I'm too busy
Now this one we really understand.  We're all rushed off our feet, trying to keep up with this mile-a-minute world we live in: customers to keep happy, supplies to bring in, fantasy football teams to update.  It's tough out there! 
But what if someone else could do the hard work for you, generating quotes and dealing with the paperwork whilst leaving you free to get on with running your business?  Well, now someone else can!*
(*That someone is us, by the way.)

It's too complicated
Ofgem's figures showed that 25% of businesses haven't switched suppliers because they feel the process is too complex. 
But all we need from you to get the ball rolling is your name, your company's name and address, and some contact details.  We'll take it from there and come back to you with an obligation-free quote.
It takes too long
Back to our trusty Ofgem figures for this one - nearly half (47%) of those surveyed wanted the process to be quicker. 
Well, because we have a team dedicated to finding you the best deals we can get back to you as quickly as possible - often within a few working days.  And in the meantime, if you want to talk to us about your quote then we have real-life humans on hand to take your call.

Fancy giving it a try?
We believe that saving money on your energy bills should be a quick and fuss-free exercise, leaving you more time to focus on running your business.
So if you've not switched energy suppliers in a while - or even if you have, but suspect you can do better - then why not get in contact with us at Smarter Power to see if we can help?