Don't Experiment With Your Commercial Energy Provider

Keeping small business bills down is easier than you think, using the same techniques you use for slashing household costs.

If you are a small business owner it pays to shop around for your electricity - so you don’t get trapped into higher price contracts. Gone are the days when utilities were just a nominal unvarying overhead. These days the cost of electricity gas etc can eat into that all important profit margin.

Whether you have just moved in or you have got your renewal letter from your existing electricity supplier, call us and we will quote you instantly a lower price - Simple.
Just like domestic energy bills, it's possible to compare and switch to cheaper providers. The right comparisons to use depend, again, on the type of business you're running.

Limited companies (or anyone with commercial premises)

You are limited to using special business tariffs, but luckily some of the top energy companies have cottoned on to the small business market.
The possible savings are huge, though. For a sample postcode in the North West of England with an annual electricity bill of £3,500 using the regional electricity company, it was possible to cut the bill to £2,300 - a saving of £1,200!

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