As we covered in November last year (, England's non-domestic water market is being deregulated in April 2017.  That means for the first time small- and medium-sized business owners will be able to choose their supplier, bringing with it a number of advantages for your business:

Lower Costs, Lower Usage

Since Scotland introduced retail competition to its water market in 2008, their businesses and public sector organisations have saved over £100 million, and around 75% of customers are now on better deals than they would have been had deregulation not gone through.  Using Scotland as its model - and learning from its teething problems with the roll-out (thanks, Scotland!) - English businesses should achieve even better savings.

And it's not just about spending less, it's about using less: Scottish companies have used 16 billion fewer litres of water and 28,000 tonnes of carbon.  Big numbers for a relatively small country!

Less Hassle

Deregulating the water market will provide customers with a great opportunity to get the supplier that works best for them - in the form of lower bills, better service and standardised billing for multi-sited businesses operating in different parts of the country.  But with over 20 water suppliers in England, each supplying numerous tariffs, making the right call might be a time-consuming and confusing endeavour. 

More Smarter Power

Here at Smarter Power we like to think ahead.  Water deregulation might be over a year away, but we're already working hard to transfer our know-how and the great relationships we've built up with our energy suppliers over to the water market.  We're currently in the process of partnering up with a number of water suppliers and using our buying power to provide you with low-cost tariffs.  And once we have just a few details from you, we'll set to work scouring the market to find you the best deal with the most appropriate supplier. 

So give Smarter Power on 0330 333 4107 and see how we can help you take advantage of the new water market - before it even arrives.