Switching energy suppliers - it's been a hot topic for a while.  As users become more savvy about what they should be paying for their plug-juice, and with more tariffs available than ever, there's been a shift in power away from the big energy companies in favour of the end-consumer - which means there's never been a better a time to make the switch.

Most of the column inches on this topic have been spent on the domestic market, but, as we're sure you're aware, it's also an important consideration for those running a business.

The Whys:

Well, this is an easy one: switching suppliers can save your business money. Take us, for example: Here at Smarter Power we save new clients an average of £600 a year - not bad for just a few minutes' work!

But it's not all about the money - maybe your current supplier's customer service is a little lacking; maybe their bills look more like complex legal documents than simple breakdowns of energy usage; or maybe their automated messaging system simply drives you up the wall! 

The Whens:

When can I change?  Sounds like a silly question, right?  After all, surely you can look into changing energy suppliers at any time.  And, of course, you can, but the fact is around 40% of businesses haven't switched in the past five years, so even if it is a silly question it's one worth asking!   

Beware that some deals renew automatically, so if you do want to switch you may have to do so in your contract's 'renewal period' - typically a few months before it runs out.  Failing to do so could mean you're locked into the same contract you were trying to get out of.

Of course, if you've recently switched then it could be you're tied into your deal for a while, so be sure to check the conditions of your current contract. 

The Hows:

As above, the first thing you'll need to do is check your contract to see whether or not you're eligible to switch suppliers.  Find out when your current deal ends and, if applicable, start making arrangements to switch so there's no overlap between your old deal running out and your new one starting.  And who knows, when your supplier learns that you're not renewing they may offer an improved deal - so be sure to tell them you're going to one of their competitors!

But if you do decide to change suppliers, make sure you fully understand their terms and conditions as most of them don't offer a cooling period.  Once you're in, you're in - so be careful!

Then it's a case of hitting the phones and scanning the internet for the best deals.  There are lots to choose from, so be sure to do plenty of research into companies' pricing, contracts and customer service. 

You could just spend a couple of minutes completing the form on our home page and we'll do the digging for you!  So if you'd like a quick and easy way to find out what you could save, fill in our registration form or give us a call on 0330 333 4107 - and let us scratch your itch to switch!