In our last blog post we highlighted a few ways in which your business could become more energy efficient, and concluded that these methods work best by fostering an energy-saving culture within your team. 
But how to go about doing this?  Well, we've come up with the below guide to help you on your way.

Our 5-Step Plan

1. Set Up A Green Team
Most offices have measures in place to reduce harmful outputs - fire wardens, first aiders and VDU assessors all ensure your employees and business assets are well looked after.  So why not enlist a team to perform energy checks and be on the lookout for potential cost-saving measures?
The size of this team will depend on the size of your business, but if possible it's a good idea to give each member a particular area to monitor: heating, office and kitchen equipment, lighting and so on.  This way, you'll have a specific team on hand to help find your business the best energy rates, great double-glazing and insulation deals, and to reduce general waste across company premises. 
It's also important for your Green Team to measure the change in your energy usage - something most easily seen on the balance sheet!  To help do this, ask them to...

2. Perform An Energy Audit
By performing an audit of typical energy usage, your Green Team can pinpoint the least efficient areas of the business and thus target where effective savings can be made.  Go through previous years' worth of bills and create a graph to track month-on-month and year-on-year changes.     

3. Spread The Word
A designated Green Team can spend a small portion of their working week to ensure a more efficient workplace, but it's also important to involve all colleagues so that on a day-to-day basis they're aware of, and proactively enabling, energy-saving measures.
A great way to do this is to offer bribes incentivise your colleagues: offer vouchers for the best idea of the month, perhaps, or display a wall-chart showing the amount of money that's been saved... and that will now be spent at the Christmas party! 

4. Be Honest
An easy, effective way to get the team on board is to simply show them how much the business currently spends on energy, and what projected savings could mean.  Explaining matters in a straightforward yet tangible manner will mean they're more likely to engage in cost-saving practices.  And if this can be backed up with regular - but brief! - progression updates then so much the better.

5. Start As You Mean To Go On
When you take on new starters, why not spend a little time explaining how important being energy efficient is to the business and how they can help.  The earlier a colleague can adopt these positive practices, the more likely they'll be to stick to them during their time with you - and maybe influence others to do the same!

Any Further Questions?
We'd love you to give our 5-step plan a go, so if you're unsure as to how your business might implement it, or are simply after other ways of making your power work smarter, why not call us on 0330 333 4107 to speak to one of our energy-saving experts.